Hello guys,
Currently i am trying windows 8.1 & so far i didn't like it.
Will try for 2 more months then either i will buy win 8.1 pro or revert back to windows 7 ultimate.
About Security KIS 2014 is best. Its fast & i like everything about it.

Can you guys tell me how to scan pc during boot up???
I tried using kaspersky rescue disk but it didn't boot up {Ya i enabled usb to boot first}.

Any suggestions for making my system safe & fast are welcome.
Thank you.
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You should buy Kaspersky its good, ESET is good too.... Why do you not like windows 8.1? If the start menu is why you dont like it then get a start menu like "Start8"

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It takes some time to get used to windows 8.1 .
windows 8.1 performance is very good. One thing you hsould do is keep driver updated and use latest software, or else you will be see hangs and bluescreen shutdown.

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Windows 8 is far better than Win7 about performance & security


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Is the reason that you don't care for Windows 8 the disgusting and useless Metro Interface (not that I'm trying to lead you, of course)? If so, StartisBack rocks it.
Main reason is that my games don't work smoothly in windows 8 & always require some kind of dll to be installed which is kind of problematic. I didn't face such problems in windows 7.
@Fantasy - Will buy KIS 2014 once trail is finished.
@cruelsister - Metro interface is not a big problem but i do miss old start menu :D