'Chat bubbles' feature to expand to more Microsoft Teams mobile clients


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Aug 17, 2014
Last year, Microsoft added 'chat bubbles' support to the Teams Desktop client, allowing users to follow messages while being on a call. And now, it's time for Microsoft Teams mobile clients to reap the benefit, as the company plans to bring the 'chat bubbles' feature to the Teams Android and iOS clients next month.

As per the Microsoft Teams Roadmap page, 'chat bubbles' shows users a preview of the most recent two messages. The two most recent chat messages can show up on your mobile screen while you're in a Teams call. Unfortunately, the Roadmap page doesn't tell much about how the feature will work, but the feature description seems to suggest that users will have to option to disable the 'chat bubbles.'

Microsoft has mentioned on the Roadmap page that it's eyeing a June 2022 release for the 'chat bubbles' support. However, it has no mention of when users will get to preview their most recent messages without opening the app. There is also a possibility that Teams mobile clients may not get the feature in June, because Microsoft had delayed many Teams features in the past.