Chip shortage claims a latest unexpected victim, Canon printer toner cartridges


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Aug 17, 2014
Canon ink cartridges were in the news back in October when the company was slapped with a lawsuit for disabling other functions like scanning when its printers were out of ink. Once again Canon cartridge is in news today, though this time it's for a different reason.

The company has announced in a support post that the global chip shortage has changed the way Canon makes its toners. The firm has opted to go chip-less for the time being as an interim measure and hence will be manufacturing chip-less toner cartridges for its printers and its various other multi-function devices. The chip-less toners will begin circulation around February. As this is an interim measure, Canon expects normal toner cartridges to return in the future. The firm writes:
The global semiconductor chip shortage is impacting the supply of many electronic devices and some accessories. The impacted accessories include toner cartridge for Canon’s business printers and multifunction devices (MFDs)
[..] To ensure our customers don’t miss a print, Canon has innovated around the chip shortage to ensure that we can still supply the toner cartridges. Canon has started to manufacture chip-less toner cartridges. While there will be some inevitable, yet minor, changes to our customers’ experience, you will still be able to print as normal.