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Every time I read about another effective browser extension related to security or tracking I find myself wanting to add it to Chrome. I now have this long list of such extensions and am sure there are some redundancies which should be eliminated. I'd appreciate any input on which combination of the following extensions would be recommended, and currently run F-Secure SAFE as my AV. I don't knowingly visit any questionable sites but prefer to exercise good judgement and caution which such software can help to provide. TIA!
Netcraft, Emsisoft Browser Security, Decentraleyes, BitDefender Anti-Tracker, F-Secure Browsing Protection, Privacy Badger.


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Netcraft, Emsisoft Browser Security, Decentraleyes (maybe), BitDefender Anti-Tracker, F-Secure Browsing Protection, Privacy Badger.

Decentraleyes and Privacy Badger are good privacy oriented extensions, but they arent a must, you could just use uBlock Origin in medium mode and be done with it.


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Do you really need Netcraft, F-Secure Browsing Protection and Emsisoft Browser Security? I mean, Netcraft focuses on phishing, do you really think phishing is in your threat model? If you have a local AV that will be scanning websites, your browser has Google Safe Browsing, you may use a secure DNS (these three are ALL you need) and you have Netcraft and Emsisoft too. Complete redundancy.


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Netcraft and Emsisoft can go because you've already got Google handling malicious sites in-browser and F-Secure handling them system-wide.

The rest depends on how privacy concious you are. Anti-track, Privacy Badger and Decentraleyes all fill separate roles but they're not equally important. Anti-Track is the main draw so Privacy Badger and/or Decentraleyes can be eliminated if you wish to cut back even further.
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This site is the best, thanks for your very helpful advice! Looks like I'll just stick with F-Secure and maybe one anti-tracker. (y)
Of course I'm still interested in any further related suggestions...


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