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Chrome, Firefox, IE10 Comparison w/Poll

What Browser do you use? Comments on why, are welcome, but not necessary.

Out of my own curiosity, I made a little comparison of the top 3 browsers, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer10,

ie; CPU usage and Memory usage.

Every browser works differently on every machine, too many variables to get in depth here.
I made this comparison for myself as I had noticed that out of the three I mentioned, I want to use the best
one for my needs and the one that uses the least amount of Memory & CPU overall.

My Comparison:

Starting with Google Chrome Using Task Manager;

Link Download Chrome
Running Chrome with 1 add-on

Very impressed with low running App Memory of only 69.9MB's and 0% CPU usage, however,
Chrome has 9 running processes using 510.2MB's of memory, plus the 69.9MB's, equals a total of 580.1MB's

Link download Firefox 25 :
Running Firefox with 9 add-ons. 2 extensions & 7 plugins;

1 running process @ 4.2MB's, plus 216.4MB's, equals 220.6MB's Memory usage and 1.4% CPU
You will also note, Chrome has 2 running background processes.

Download IE 10:
Running Internet Explorer 10 with 3 add-ons;

Extremely impressive with a total of 154MB's Memory usage, 0 running processes and only .5% CPU usage.
Again, you will note that Chrome still has 2 running background processes.

Each Browser was used 1 at a time.

Next will show all 3 browsers open at the same time;

Chrome using a total of 214.3MB's memory & 8.3% CPU
Firefox using a total of 199.4MB's memory & 5.7% CPU
Internet Explorer10 using a total of 159.5MB's memory & 3.6% CPU
FF & IE10 meet my needs, where Chrome lacks the ability to use/show the Menu Bar and by this comparison on my machine, seems to be quite the memory hog.
Looks like I'm leaning to switch to IE10
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Like Chrome, Internet Explorer (and Opera) are multi-process browsers for better security and tab recovery. If you think Firefox only runs a single process, you're incorrect. As far as I know, Firefox has at least 2 other processes running.

I don't have Google Crash Handler running the background for Chrome, maybe because I didn't leave it with default settings. And I'm sure it's not mandatory for Chrome.

I'm not sure how memory usage fits in in what browser you should use. CPU usage varies on the extensions you decide to use, at least this is my experience on Chrome. Sometimes HTTPS Everywhere uses some resources, other times it's AdBlock.

Anyway, enjoy using IE10. Remember you can use the TPL for AdBlocking and DNT from the Internet Options settings, as well as EPM for better security. If you're using Windows 8, IE allows Flash Player to run whilst under EPM (Enhanced Protected Mode).
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Tried Chrome but it just didn't appeal to me. Currently use IE 11 & FF. In terms of resource usage, I tend to have multiple tabs open (at least 4), so regardless of which one I use it will hog a bit of RAM.
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