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Google Chrome with updates built-in, alerts you when your passwords are involved in a data breach, uses Safe Browsing to protect you against dangerous websites, malware downloads, and harmful extensions. Google has baked a utility or a feature called “Safety Check” into Chrome Settings to check you about the status of these crucial functions with a single click.

After updating the Privacy Settings card for desktop and Cookies Settings page on Android, the Chromium team is now revamping Cookies and Security pages in Privacy and Security Settings, this time its a major change with banner images and more explanations, Google calling these as “friendly settings”.

To see the new features and these changes in Chrome, you should be running latest Chrome Canary with the ” Privacy Settings redesign” flag enabled.

Safety Check
Chrome has added the new feature right after Autofill in its Settings. The Settings screen reveals what Safety Check does with the “Check now” button at the end” of the message: “Chrome can help keep you safe from data breaches, bad extensions, and more”. The feature checks for issues in the Chrome browser’s updates, passwords, Safe Browsing and Extensions and displays the results.
  • Updates: Chrome update status (up to date or not)
  • Passwords: The number of compromised passwords it has found if any.
  • Safe Browsing: Displays Safe Browsing status (up to date or needs to be updated)
  • Extensions: The details about harmful extensions detected if any.

New Security Settings
Google Chrome got a dedicated Security card for the first time under Privacy and Security where two protection modes are available for Safe Browsing: Enhanced Protection and Standard Protection, with the latter being enabled by default. Enhanced Protection needs to be manually selected by users as the feature requires data to be sent to Google to verify and warn about password breaches and offer “faster proactive protection against dangerous websites, downloads, and extensions ”