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Feb 4, 2016
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Chrome's Built-In Ad Blocker Will Start Blocking Ads on February 15, 2018

Google is set to activate Chrome's built-in ad blocker on February 15, according to an announcement the browser maker made today.

Work on this component started in early 2017 after Google joined the Coalition for Better Ads, an ad industry group dedicated to improving the state of online ads.

Earlier in the year, this organization released the "Better Ads Standards," a series of guidelines for what are considered to be acceptable ads.

Yesterday, the Coalition announced that the standard will go into full effect for all members starting January 2018. This means that advertising companies that adhered to the standard will not show intrusive ads that break the standards' rules.

Google, which is also an advertising company and browser maker, will also start enforcing this policy, both in its advertising platform and Chrome.

Chrome will block ALL ADS on websites that show intrusive ads
In Chrome, Google's new ad blocker will block a website's entire ads portfolio if they break one of the Better Ads Standards. A list of unacceptable ads is available here.

For the past year, Google engineers have worked on a new feature called the Ad Experience Report. This new service will scan websites and create a list of sites that show intrusive ads that do not respect the new Better Ads Standards.

Once the Chrome built-in ad blocker is activated, Chrome will not load any kind of ads on websites that are included in the Ad Experience Report blacklist for more than 30 days.


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Nov 5, 2011
I don't need any ad-blocker on Chrome... I have The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - ads and malware apocalypse:
ScriptSafe, Policy Control, Content-Aware Ad Blocker, ZenMate Web Firewall.

So it's the nonevent for me, that google announcement.
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