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May 16, 2011
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VoodooSoft, LLC would like malware enthusiast and professionals to conduct their own malware efficacy tests on VoodooShield and other security software, and in exchange, the first 25 users who respond will receive a lifetime license to VoodooShield, please see the details below. If you are not familiar with testing malware, please do not be a part of the test.

Goal of the devs :
VS developer said:
"Win, lose or draw, I am perfectly fine with using 3.29 beta (that way they can disable the blacklist if necessary, also, it does not have any of the extra logging functions, it is good to go). This exercise is less about VS itself, and more about getting people to start testing these products on their own, so they know how well they work. So if we win, we win... if we lose, we lose. Either way, I bet we all learn something from each test that is performed, and I hope the testers are super creative.
Here is a link to 3.29:
Here is a link to 3.30
Here is a link to the Efficacy Test:

VoodooShield Challenge Rules

1. All tests need to be performed using the default settings of the security software, unless a change in the settings is required in order to perform the tests properly. For example, VoodooShield would require the “Automatically allow by parent process” setting to be disabled, otherwise it would automatically allow all of the child processes from the whitelisted test app.

Testers would probably want to disable VS's Auto Deactivate feature... otherwise after 10 minutes everything will start bypassing VS out of the blue.

2. The malware sample set size needs to be between 500-1000 samples.

3. Any security product can be tested, as long as it has some kind of scan engine, and at least has a feature similar VS's AutoPilot that will automatically decide whether a file should be allowed or not, and does not just simply lock the computer and block everything.

4. Samples need to be pre-filtered to make certain that they are valid executable files.

5. Samples can be pre-filtered / scanned with engines that are not included in the test, to ensure that the files are true malware.

6. The samples need to be chosen randomly, and we will provide EfficacyTest.exe that can select truly random samples. The testers can also supply their own method to randomize the samples.

7. Ideally, the initial sample set size should be at least 5,000-10,000 samples, and 500-1000 random samples can be selected at random from the initial sample set.
If the tester can't get such number of samples , an absolute minimum would be 100 real malwares (not PUP or else) for the test; however more sample you have, better it is for the test

8. The samples used in the test need to be readily available upon request to anyone who requests them. We will store all of the samples in the cloud in a safe location that everyone has access to.

9. Once the tests are complete, please post a video of the tests that were performed, along with the test results.

10. The tests need to be performed as fairly and impartially as possible, and mistakes affecting the tests outcome will invalidate the test. As long as there are no obvious or serious mistakes during testing, you will receive a free lifetime license to VoodooShield.

VS developer said:
For VS's settings... it is probably easiest and best to just test on AutoPilot. I would keep VoodooAi ON either way, and as far as the blacklist scan is concerned, they can go either way on this, and they should do whatever makes the most sense. For example, if they are testing VS against Cylance, I would disable the blacklist scan to level the playing field. On the other hand, if they are testing VS against Hitman Pro, or some other product that uses a multi engine blacklist scanner, then it would make more sense to leave the blacklist enabled. So really, whatever makes the most sense. I am actually excited to see what all users come up with.
11. You must mentioned your Malwaretips' username to the VoodooShield support, it will be easier to follow you.

12. You must mention your Malwaretips's username, this challenge and on your video (the way you like) ; so we will be sure the tester is indeed participating this challenge, and not copy pasted a video from someone else.

The first 25 people who accepts this undertaking will receive a free lifetime VoodooShield license. For each additional security software included in the test, besides VoodooShield and one other security software, the lifetime license will include one additional device, up to a total of 10. So if the test includes VoodooShield and 6 other security products, the VoodooShield lifetime license is good for 5 computers. If the test includes VoodooShield and 11 other security products, then the VoodooShield lifetime license is good for 10 computers.

Also, if the contenders want to test VS twice... once with the blacklist enabled, and once with the blacklist disabled, we can actually add 2 extra devices to their lifetime license (not just one).

The first 25 people who email, with the subject line "I would like to be a part of the VoodooShield Challenge" are eligible.

Also, it is fully understood by all participants that all tests are performed at their own risk, and it is important to have adequate safeguards in place, and VoodooShield and its company, VoodooSoft, LLC is in no way responsible for possible damage, infection or breach to their computer or data, that may result from performing these tests.

Thank you, and happy testing!

Some malware resources links (thanks to VS ):

Malware Sample Sources for Researchers

other sources (thanks to the posters)

Video Review - Challenge VoodooShield (and Win a lifetime License!)

Video Review - Challenge VoodooShield (and Win a lifetime License!)


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Very cool, thank you frogboy, you are the forth contestant to have entered! I will setup your accounts tomorrow and email you asap, thank you! :D

Now i just have to work out how to make a video. o_O
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