Q&A Cloud Backup or Physical Backup? Which one do you prefer?

Cloud Backup or Physical Backup? Which one do you prefer?

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Nov 8, 2014
@Vasudev my boot disk is a simple 1TB Micron M600 which I got for INR 11 379 on ebay. My backup SSD is a strange 960GB Liteon ect-960n9s rated 1 disk write a day for 3 years, MTBF 2.5 million hours and power off data retention guaranteed for 1 year. They're not the fastest in benchmarks but they are fast enough.
I thought M600 kicked the bucket, didn't think it'll last that long. Liteon uses Toshiba or Micron or Sk Hynix SSD ICs so you should be good for 10-15 years.


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Jan 27, 2017
This is one of the reasons I don't very much depend on Clouds. Any cloud provider even the biggies can do this kind of things, if they want to concentrate on some other business.
Cloud should be one of the many options for back up, like you have one physical backup and another cloud back of the same data. Its much more secure in the way that both may not go bad at the same time.
Also, as @Music4Ever has done, keeping one backup at some one else's place is a really good idea.

I've used Sync.com for almost 4 years now. Mostly because it's zero knowledge and compliant with all international standards for privacy and security. Also their app is generally the most reliable. But I got tired of the yearly fee so I got baited into the pCloud special deal, which I regret heavily now.

I will be reversing my charge on them after around 8-9 more days and giving them time to handle it. What I don't get is, companies think they can fight chargebacks, when they really can't as the rulings are heavily tilted toward consumers. In the end companies have to not only get the money taken back out but they have to pay chargeback fees which end up costing them more money. It's easier to just refund people. pCloud's 10 day refund policy absolutely indicates they don't believe in their own service enough to offer a 30 day. It's really just a shell company from what I can find so far..

ForgottenSeer 85179

I hope that all cloud using guys here use encryption before upload..

Also I wonder why nobody recommend Nextcloud. Buy some VPS (to not open your home network to internet with own server), install Nextcloud on it, activate encryption, finish.

More optional security stuff is of course possible.


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May 13, 2017
You can get additional discount buying Polar Backup. I think I will give it a try, 2 lifetime storages are better than one. :LOL:



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Apr 14, 2020
Yeah, I was looking at a cloud backup/storage solution while I'm working from home, because WAY more threats here, like kids running around, beverages left-right-and-center, no surge protection :LOL: and I saw this thread. I liked that Polar Backup had a 30-day money back promise, so I grabbed the deal you shared. I created this account just to say THANKS for sharing @TairikuOkami because so far, so good!