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This past April, Cloudflare and APNIC released a new public DNS resolver service whose goal was not only to make looking up Internet addresses faster, but also make them more private. Today, Cloudflare has released a app for Android and iOS to easily bring these same features to your mobile devices.

Cloudflare's DNS service takes advantage of their extensive network infrastructure to perform domain name lookups extremely fast by connecting users to servers that are geographically closer to them. Even better, their service is geared towards privacy by not logging any IP addresses to disk and wiping all transaction logs within 24 hours.

While mobile devices could have already used the service by switching the DNS servers manually, by utilizing this app users can enable the service by simply toggling it on in the app. Doing so will generate a VPN profile, which will automatically reroute the DNS traffic through the app so that it utilizes the DNS servers.

One concern that users have been commenting on is that the Android app requires permission to record audio from a phone's microphone and has access to the photos and USB storage. According to Cloudflare, this permission is required for and only used when generating bug reports.

Concerns about microphone permission

The mobile app is available now for Android and iOS. If you try it, let us know what you think.

Source: Cloudflare Brings its DNS Service to Android & iOS Mobile Devices


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I didnt use any DNS on my phone so far, but just installed this app and checked browserleaks

Firefox speeded up a bit i guess , so worth a shot in my opinion
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