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List of current issues
Change dns to cloudflare and internet dies works with other dns resolvers.
Steps taken, but have been unsuccessful?
Tried on multiple devices watch videos, restarted all deivces etc.
I heard about cloudflares dns resolver and decided to try but for some odd reason when I follow the instructions to change the dns etc it completely kills my net until I switch it back to either my default or whatnot. Open dns and google dns works fine when I change. I have tried it on Windows 10 PC Android 8.0 Smartphone and My router all same results. SO looked up videos to see maybe it is differently set up but nope just the same. The number i use are and the second one is Just wondering if it is normal or could my isp blocking it or what not. When I have it changed top any device says connected but no internet So no idea any help would be appreciated. Kinda new to dns resolver but I see what good they can be.