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Cloudfare experienced a worldwide outage today for about 30 minutes, with network performance issues that brought down a multitude of websites and web services all around the world, and triggered "502 Bad Gateway" errors.

While various speculations said that the provider of content delivery network and DDoS mitigation services was being under attack, Cloudfare's John Graham-Cumming says that the 502 errors seen by visitors of Cloudfare sites were actually caused by a spike in CPU utilization on the provider's network.

"This CPU spike was caused by a bad software deploy that was rolled back," adds Graham-Cumming. "Once rolled back the service returned to normal operation and all domains using Cloudflare returned to normal traffic levels."
"This was not an attack (as some have speculated) and we are incredibly sorry that this incident occurred," also stated Graham-Cumming in a post on the company's official blog.