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Operating System
Windows 7
Infection date and initial symptoms
04/04/2015, that is today in Australia, i went to delete some programs from control panel for harddrive space and noticed A LOT of new installed programs on the same date, and my computer begun having popups and slowing down.
Current issues and symptoms
Currently, i have managed to delete everything, even Cloudscout but the ads still popup on my screen on google chrome, internet explorer (noticed when i uninstalled chrome and reinstalled via internet explorer) and Steam
Steps taken in order to remove the infection
I have uninstalled all the other programs via the uninstall programs in the control panel and have done the AdwCleaner twice, i've also run this "" zoek script suggested by argus but stopped after the results were not the same as the user that had created that thread.


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Will add the AdwCleaner file in another comment since i haven't saved the other two and don't want to lose this thread, the ads are appearing constantly and appear on certain words if i hover or click on them, all my P2P software is also currently disabled as far as i know, really want to get rid of this and i will be able to cooperate in anyway possible.


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