Level 33
A batch of 127 million records stolen from eight companies was put up for sale on the Dream Market marketplace by a seller who goes by the name of "gnosticplayers" and asking the equivalent of $14,500 in bitcoin for the entire collection.

This happens after the same group (or individual) also listed another batch of 620 million accounts earlier this week, stolen from 16 other breached companies and valued at roughly $20,000 in bitcoin. Dream Market is a dark web market which went online during November 2013 and it provides anonymous access to illegal items and services, ranging from drugs and malicious tools to weapons and stolen user data readily packaged for further exploitation.

When the first round was put up for sale, gnosticplayers removed the collections of accounts from the market to avoid too many customers buying them and losing control of the "merchandise". Like the previous round, the recent 127 million records of stolen data put up for sale have now been removed.
The message left by the seller after disabling the marketplace entries says that "All my listings have been removed, to avoid them being bought so many times and being leaked, as a respect for my buyers. But don't worry, next round of breaches coming soon."

Allegedly, these were the contents of the eight collections of stolen user records put up for sale on the Dream Market according to the gnosticplayers seller:
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