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yeah i need a new av
If you can afford recommend Eset or Kaspersky. If you want to staying with a Free I recommend 360 Internet Security, has a defense as good as the paid ones, except against PUPs, all you have to keep eyes open, or download Unchecky. Thank you!
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Some common free solutions:
- Avast Free Antivirus
- Avira Free Antivirus
- AVG Free Antivirus
- Bitdefender Free Antivirus
- Comodo Antivirus
- Lavasoft Ad-Aware Free Security
- Microsoft Security Essentials (or Windows Defender on Windows 8)
- Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition
- Tiranium Antivirus (still in development)
- ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall (no standalone AV)

- 360 Internet Security


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For pc online gaming, it is best to use Windows Firewall with a good free AV like Avast, Avira, Windows Defender (or MSE), AVG, etc.
Avoid cloud-base AV's because they use up web activity and interfere with online gaming.

Third-party firewalls always tend to make online games lag.

Enjoy!! :D
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gaming = Windows firewall + MSE/Windows Defender (i was an hardcore gamer on WoW and if you want high FPS, you don't have other choices)
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