Felipe Oliveira

Level 12
Malware Tester
Hello everyone!

We are very pleased to announce the release of Comodo Dragon v72.0.3626.121.

Please update your browser as soon as possible.

  • Updated to Chromium v72.0.3626.121 codebase
  • Fixed 0day vulnerability

Comodo Dragon 72 - 64 bits

Comodo Dragon v72.0.3626.121 64-bit can be downloaded from:


md5: 5bd3d5a9276da827a586849f720dbf43

sha1: 4498f713fd98c2e8896228ae47d0a5147bcb5389

sha256: 7596dcbf3719a75fdf53d044448e54a36c286a68dba7e142f81423dbb198a15c

Comodo Dragon 72 - 32 bits
Comodo Dragon v72.0.3626.121 32-bit can be downloaded from:


md5: dd12ac7ae48c4aceb67ba1412e9ebe7e

sha1: 44254a0cf3b06c909d6906b227faadab92d097cb

sha256: f8f8ecfe98b45286bb45388c1315787055ae2a6736f3a3c6481b025dc015f3a9
Please use the browser and give us your feedback.

The Comodo Browser Team

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Level 26
Content Creator
Dragon is nice browser;
  • built in tracker blocker
  • ui is better than any other chromium has ( in my opinion)
  • Is frequently updated
  • built in dns ( provided by neustar currently)
  • Some privacy features like header reducing
  • clear everything on exit

Its king of the privacy browsers brought by av vendors, most are bloat but comodo dragon simply doesnt (except few featured extensions wich i disable myself in first hand)