Which free firewall to choose?

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I am looking for a light but robust Firewall with good HIPS and stealthing capabilities and maybe little silent and easy to use.
Which one should i choose among the three?
Is Comodo Firewall still the best when it comes to free firewall?

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OA (for the granular control) and for that :

no need of third party network apps


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I voted Online Armor**, great free firewall with additional HIPS and bought out by Emsisoft to secure it's future development. **I last used OA Free before Emsisoft bought Tall Emu.

Comodo has diverted it's attention elsewhere (ie. AV, Cloud, Sandbox and other means of Proactive protection).


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definitely CIS between the 3.

outpost is a fantastic FW but compared to CIS it lacks many features specially Sandboxing plus it has way more impact on system's performance.


I like both CFW and OAP, but if we are are talking free version of OAP as opposed to CFW, then i vote CFW.
OAP free version is lacking many of the "paid" options.


icorino said:
@Umbra : are those screenshots from the free version or paid one?
The second screen shot shows you the firewall in "advance Mode" so it is from the paid version.


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When you say Outpost Free, do you mean the old stand-alone product, or the firewall in the free Security Suite?

The former has been discontinued a long time ago, and will only run on XP/Vista, not sure what OS you are running ATM.
The latter hasn't been updated for quite a while now, and if that's what you mean you may have to carry a bit of deadweight with the full suite being installed [at least the last time I used it more that 12 months ago], instead of just the firewall component.

I installed OA again on a machine, which has been OA free for over 2 years, because of excessive boot slowdowns, however the latest version is comparable with Outpost and Comodo, which both don't affect boot time. The once arduous Safety Wizard is very fast now, with a lot more applications recognised and trusted automatically, just one of the benefits from real-time cloud lookups with Emsisoft's Anti-Malware network. Chrome and Sandboxie compatibility has also been improved.

Latest Comodo Firewall is the most complete feature-wise. As if the firewall and HIPS aren't enough, Behavior Blocker, Virtual Kiosk, Sandboxing, Kill Switch are also included and are very good reasons to check Comodo. You'd need to master the new GUI, which I personally like a lot, although it could be a level or two too deep, compared to the easier OA interaction.

Both OA and Comodo feel light and responsive, the HIPS in both have matured enough not to be nuisance in everyday use.

Either way, the winner is you.
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