Battle Compare Android anti-theft solutions


Level 4
Mar 30, 2016
Hello, everyone!

I would like to stop using Avast Mobile Security 2019. I just it just because of it's Anti-Theft feature, but since my phone is kinda old now (Meizu M2 Note), I'm practicing safe habits and I'm starting to feel like the Avast Mobile Security 2019 is causing my device to be slower (and it also didn't work last time I needed it, because for some unknown reason some "great" update disabled the feature, so I couldn't find my lost phone). Because of that, I'd like to uninstall it.

What my request it, guys, can I safely rely on Google "built-in anti-theft"? The problem if that I don't have a mobile internet and, at least as I understand it, if I want to remotelly control the device, it needs to be connected to internet. So that's out of question. (Or is it?)

Then there is Meizu (Flyme OS) own solution - an app called "Phone Finder," but I have no idea if it can be controlled remotely via SMS (as there is no other option). I tried to use it once and it was pretty buggy and the inter face was in Chinese (!).

So - what do you - guys - think? What options do I have? Any other good, reliable, low-impact, free app that could remotely control the phone via SMS in case it gets lost (localization, wipec, etc...)?

I would also like to add that the phone in question is Meizu M2 Note, version of Android: 5. 1, Flyme 6. 2. 0.0G.