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Hi everyone,

I’ve had accounts with a few of the big companies that got hit by hackers this year (Panera and MyFitnessPal). The numbers are so big that my eyes sort of bulge when I think about it but I can’t help worrying whether or not any of my info is actually floating around out there on the dark web.

So...what’s the best way to figure that kind of thing out?

In other words, can I scan the DW for my information to see if it’s there? Actually, I know I can do that because I’ve read a few articles that mentioned this kind of monitoring service. I guess my real curiosity is if it works or comes anywhere near covering the whole thing.

And don’t really want to pay to find out if my stolen info is out there if I can do it for free. Do they have some credible open source option that would do this?

Anyone on here been able to use one of these services - paid or free - and actually find out that their information was for sale on the DW?

Thanks in advance!

Sources are below:

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Privacy Australia Report on Dark Web info How Much Does Your Data Cost on the Dark Web? - You'll Be Surprised

There’s this but reviews don’t look good Onion Services Security Scan: OnionScan"