Hello everyone! :)

Today I decided I would make an GUI concept for Xvirus Anti-Malware 1.0 - there isn't really an Anti-Malware version of Xvirus yet, there's only the Personal Guard... It's just a made up concept I thought of.

1. Easily perform a full system, quick, trace or custom scan.
2. Easily access the logs, cloud, toolbox and clean-up areas directly from the home screen - the clean-up box should be able to be customized by the user to another area from a right click menu.
3. Receive reports on the protection status in the green box at the bottom left.
4. Shield protection: file system protection (real-time guard), behavior blocker (behavior guard), exploit mitigation (exploit guard), firewall (network guard) and web protection (web guard).
5. Anti-Executable lock-down -> block all execution of software unless it's been marked as known and clean on the cloud/more than a % of users connected to the Xvirus cloud are using it, unless it's been manually excluded by the user.
6. Password protection for any settings modification + a UAC prompt before any guards can be disabled (tampered with).
7. Dynamic heuristic engine working with score levels (for on-execution programs).
8. Sandbox with auto-sandbox capabilities -> allow programs to launch but restrict specific behavior automatically such as registry/file/network access).
9. Clean-up is a tool to clean the browser history/cookies/saved passwords and the such -> supports real-time cleaning like CCleaner premium.

About the trace scanner - it'll be designed to scan for traces of previous malware infections (e.g. via registry GUIDs) and clean them out. The custom scan should have additional options such as scanning memory and also for rootkits/master boot record infection.

Hopefully you like the above ideas too.

It's just a basic concept I designed while I was stoned out my nut earlier (about 1 hour ago), so hopefully you like it... And if it turns out to be awful, well at least now you know why! :p

NOTE: So far I have only done the first screen, there will be more to come hopefully within the next week. I'll update the thread over time and reply back to let you know when a new modification/screen is available, so be sure to follow the thread if you're interested.

The previews are attached as files to this thread.

Edit 1:
I have edited the first screen so I have updated the attachment and I have also uploaded 2 more previews for the partial and unprotected screens. ;)

Let me know what you all think; please rate it out of 5 and explain what you like/don't like about it, and also let me know if you think this could potentially be better than the existent GUI of the Personal Guard (and if so try to explain why in the comments)!

Thanks! :)


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Not going to lie, compared to the current GUI the one @Wave has created looks much more sleek, modern & attractive. If people see that GUI then people will think that your product is high quality - Emsisoft, Kaspersky, Bitdefender are all popular with people who don't have much knowledge of AVs/Cyber Security mainly because they have a nice, clean GUI & have good reviews.

@Wave nice job there ;) It looks really good & I would love to see that GUI implemented!


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- Organise GUI to be less cluttered
- Avoid Contractions -- read below:
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- Explain the red box (cloud)?


Explain the red box (cloud)?
If @Dani Santos decides to make an Anti-Malware (this is all just a concept, he hasn't announced to do anything) then I would assume it'd have a better cloud than he currently has; if the cloud protection is enabled then the box will be green, if the connection to the cloud is poor then it can be amber colored and if the connection failed (e.g. ping failed -> server is down or the users internet connection) then the box should be red to represent an issue. :)


I cannot edit the thread due to the time limit being expired, therefore I will have to post the updates as a comment here - I decided to scrap the old scanner container area on the home area; it's been re-made and I personally prefer this new look. I've also swapped a few things around and added the "SUPPORT" & "ABOUT" controls to the top right next to the window menu buttons.

Hopefully you'll all prefer this new screen preview compared to the old one; let me know what you think. ;)




yes, I prefer the new one :)
I think the icon of Settings should replace "update"
Settings icon should be the gear icon :)
just my suggestion, what's your idea :)
I agree with your suggestion, I'll get that changed... Actually I didn't even notice I had used an update-looking icon, I was supposed to use a gear one from the start! Then again, I was stoned out my nut when I started designing this concept :D and I was earlier as well so that's probably why I didn't notice haha. :D:p

Dani Santos

From Xvirus
Anyway @Dani Santos When do you think X-Virus AntiMalware will be ready. Will it replace the Personal Guard? I really really like this new GUI. I hope it gets used. :)
I'm still slowly working on it, but i'm excepting to releasing it in april/may. And yes it will replace the Personal Guard and hopefully will compete head to head with Zemana, Malware bytes, Voodoo shield and Secureaplus as the best Anti-Malware ;) About the GUI I'm still thinking on it, but it will also depend on @Wave .