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My son will be 10 years old next year. I'm slowly preparing his 1st PC ever. I have been wondering what type of configuration he needs. I guess more of you have kids with PCs :) Therefore I need your help with the configuration. Will you please as well share your kids configuration too. It would be interesting to see how you protect your kid(s) on the internet.

My temporary configuration for my son is:
Microsoft Edge with BTL
Windows Defender
Cloudflare DNS Malware and Adult Content
AdGuard for Windows with Parantel Control enabled.
Malwarebytes as second opinion scanner

I would appreciate feedback and comments on my configuration. I believe most of the configuration has to automatic. I'm curious if there is a better Parantel Control than AdGuard. I don't prefer AdGuard because it's slowing down my internet speed.


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My son has the following on his gaming laptop:
Standard Account,
UAC turned on
Windows Defender and Firewall
Smart screen and all the goodies
Browser has Don't track me Google and uBlock Origin with steven black hosts with adult content filter enabled

for a year it was fine. no infection.
I briefly moved to WSA and nothing either.
Finally a few months back I moved to Kaspersky Internet Security

One thing I did was I hid the icons of stuff from system tray apart from the game launchers and steam, and pinned the launchers and games on the task bar.

not one he was curious enough to mess with kaspersky or WSA or anything

DNS wise, Open DNS with adult content filter enabled (linked to my secondary Open DNS account that I created to manage his PC).

and yeah, since he was around 9 I started to educate him on security software etc, what to download what not to download...


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I would give him a Microsoft account with you as administrator for that PC and your family:
You can view and restrict a lot there.
And I would setup the PC with Hard_Configurator at recommended settings for all modules.
An adult content blocking DNS is also highly recommended.
For me that would be enough, and I would use just the AdGuard extension together with BTL.


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@toto_10 . Your basic config is good and you got great tips from other members, but parental control is IMO more then just specific software and settings on the machine. It's actually important enough to be mentioned.
  • Avoid closed doors.
  • Try game/spend time online with your kid. Not leave them alone or with their less smart friends 24/7.
That will automatic help him/her avoid inappropriate games/chats/cheats etc, and also learn/teach a more proper and normal adult way to approach all that comes along. Kids loves when parents care. Up to a certain age anyway.


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I'm curious if there is a better Parental Control than AdGuard. I don't prefer AdGuard because it's slowing down my internet speed.
Adguard has probably the worst parental filter out there, it hardly blocks anything.
Cloudflare DNS Malware and Adult Content
That one is inferior now, mainly because of a backslash from a certain community. Try Cleanbrowsing instead. Adult version is good enough, Family version might be too restricting, like blocking too much of youtube's content, reddit, games, sharing sites, it enforces a safe search on google, youtube.

Forticlient has also an excellent web filter, you can use it alongside of Defender or replace it altogether, it is a very quiet once set to block automatically.


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Thanks for the help. Great stuff and good ideas you guys are sharing. So I'm not totally off with my configuration.

Parantel Control wise I think I will just go with a DNS server. I'm a big fan of CleanBrowsing and support their project. Thanks for reminding me. I will check out OpenDNS as well.

The most important security-task is, me, to navigate and teach my son how to surf on the internet. His awareness will help him too, to make wisely decisions.

After a good configuration and teaching, I'm pretty confident he will do well with his PC.