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Considering MBAM Premium does not provide real time protection,such as an AV,and you do not have smartscreen enabled you need to change some things.
In order for to get the max protection from Windows 10 built in security you need to have Windows Firewall,Windows Defender,UAC and Smartscreen enabled.
I would suggest enabling Smartscreen.If you are comfortable with Windows 10 security and use common sense then you should be fine.
You could also consider adding Avast Free AV with Windows 10 built in security.
MBAM Premium is fine with it's real time protection enabled but it is not meant to replace AV software.
You should consider adding one or two demand scanners also such as Zemana Antimalware,ESET Online Scanner,Emsisoft Emergency Kit or Hitman Pro.
Other than that your config is good,once you enable Smartscreen,and a very lite one also.
Thanks for sharing your config :)