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I am using Panda Free Antivirus on a shared PC with users' experience ranging from Basic to Medium.

  • 2 x Microsoft Accounts with Standard user rights
  • 1 x Local Account with Admin rights
  • All accounts are password protected

Whilst logged into one of the Standard user account, I noticed that Panda could be disabled (!). I have since set up a password to access the Panda Console (UI/Settings).

Additionally, I have downloaded the built-in Panda Cloud Scanner if required in the future, though I doubt I would need this.

Internet Explorer has File Downloads set to disabled, for all sites.

Are they any recommendations for Panda Free Antivirus?


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I've found Panda very efficient with default settings. The most important recommendation I'd give is to enable 'Scan after cache synchronization' in On-demand scans settings. Also, only if you have a slow internet connection, to increase the time a file is blocked before obtaining a result from the cloud. You could also enable 'Automatically vaccinate every USB driver inserted into the PC' in USB settings.
That's all I think... Thanks for reading!
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