Review Core i9 7900X Review [A king on unsteady throne]

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    Wouldn't it be nice if the world's leading chip giants launched new processor series that worked perfectly and made implicit sense?

    That's the hope, but having witnessed AMD's Ryzen arrive with teething issues ranging from memory support to hesitant in-game performance, it is frustrating to find that Intel's Core X-Series isn't immune to certain missteps, either.

    X299 motherboards don't appear to be quite ready, there are question marks surrounding the Skylake-X processors due later this year, and at the lower end of the Core X spectrum, Kaby Lake-X is nothing short of puzzling.

    Plenty of reason for discord among enthusiast users, yet look past the confusion and you may see cause for optimism. The world's first Core i9 processor, the 7900X, is ultimately a 10-core powerhouse offering excellent IPC performance and outstanding multi-core prowess in a single $999 chip armed with plenty of overclocking headroom. Said ingredients make it an automatic choice for power users seeking the ultimate PC experience, and the chip's benchmarking potential makes for a fitting debut of the Core i9 brand.

    Bottom line: the price tag remains a stumbling block and software optimisations are needed, but anyone willing to splash a thousand bucks on a new CPU need look no further than the Intel Core i9-7900X. Over to you, Threadripper.
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  2. S3cur1ty 3nthu5145t

    May 22, 2017
    The fun I could have with the (Core i9-7980XE), what a beast....
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  3. mekelek

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    the amount of drama that is going on around Intel with this release needs some popcorn.
    ThreadRipper is going to take a huge chunk of the market from Intel for sure. Pricing on the highest end Skylake-X CPU's is ridiculous.
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    I wish I was rich. :(
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    Even if i will be rich i wouldn't buy something what i can got better and solind in less price :)

    Imo 2600k(LGA1155) and 3930k (LGA2011) are pest price/performance cpu which i could get.
    Whole good few years i can yet easy sit with this PC's

    Later meaby i will change to AMD if Intel will still play with consumer in .!. becasue i see he oblivous does :/
  6. mekelek

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    Feb 24, 2017
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    nah man the 4790k without a doubt.
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