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Tony Cole

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Firstly I hope you all had a fab Christmas, my heart goes out to those victims of the flooding in the Northern parts of England.

So, to my question. How many of you use/have Cortana enabled on Windows 10?

Hope you all have an amazing New Year, let's see what 2016 brings. If your good, I will buy you a Vladimir Putin calendar, I'm trying to get on for my auntie (as a joke!)

Tony :)


Level 3
I don't use her. I have once and it was a hassle. She couldn't understand a single word I was saying. Unless my accent is too heavy for her to understand. She's not really necessary for a PC anyway. She's better off being a mobile companion. :confused:


Level 19
I would never enable Cortana.
I have made so many tweaks to Windows 10 to disable as much data collection functionality as possible and it would be a shame if I let Microsoft through the front door towards my privacy by enabling Cortana. :D

I so want that Vladimir Putin calendar. :F


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Data collection abilities within windows 10 have been hard coded, no matter how hard you push the DO NOT Turn on button, MS will still get the same report trough their service backdoor and update functions and MS has according to their own words at all times direct ACCESS to someones PC and OS and can change any setting at any time just trough the update features.
Cortana is great if it works but i would not use it even if they pay me for it.


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Not available in my country, so both PC and Phone do not have cortana enabled. If it was available I wouldn't really use it either as I do not see the need for such feature. I know a lot of people who use it and who do not.


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No at all because of...

1) Cortona is not supported on my country although I can change it anytime.
2) My needs are already sufficient without Cortana.
3) Privacy? Not actually though.

Cortona is good for some users case basis especially on mobile platforms but not on typically desktop though. ;)


Cortana is needless resource hog and has dubious privacy protections.

This is 1st survey @ MT that I have seen that is so decisive; Cortana - hellll nooo !


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Would never touch it for obvious privacy reasons. Remember once they have your data on their servers (cloud if you prefer) for all intents and purposes you no longer own it. There is a reason they are trying to force Windows 10 updates for 'free'. They plan on making massive more money on your data later . . ala facebook.
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