Troubleshoot Could a link hack my phone without malware


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Sep 22, 2021
A week ago I opened one of the links that started to appear since August 2020 using that "anniversary celebration" phishing scheme

I received it from a friend and after confirming from my friend in a phone call that he was the one who sent the link he also told me to open it so he can win the prize I did what he asked for

It was a carrefour 54th anniversary celebration website
I saw the website was poorly made as if it came from a redirecting game's cracking website
I was stupid enough to continue
First thing was 4 basic questions
Phone's os, my age, my gender, overall opinion

Second was to chose 3 out of 9 boxes
Third was to share to 20 friends and 5 groups
Here all I did was press the "share" button and then go back (without actually sending to anyone) and it will count
Did it many times until I made to the 4th step
"Download our app to win"
Here I was like "no thanks"
I left the website immediately and did everything I
-Change passwords
-clear browser cache and data
-scanned with 4 different antiviruses (no threat found)
-turned my phone off and on (Incase of any malicious processes hiding the ram)
-checked for malware manually and still found nothing (even checked system apps)
A week passed and no malicious activity at all

But I am very paranoid about such stuff and I know I am very stupid to have opened that link (and my friend later confirmed it was a scam)

Since the link didn't download any kind of malware (atleast from what I can tell)

Could I still be hacked in any way?