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Hey all :)

I am about to write a review and I would like to know once I begin to use the keyboard how often, during the testing period, a button of the keyboard is pressed. Since I suck at googling I would like if you know an application that do such thing.

Many thanks in advance

Valentin N

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jamescv7 said:
Valentin N said:
jamescv7 said:
Typing more specific from Google, may found like this search direct from Wikipedia link.

Also this.
Thanks :) Do you know if I have to be registered or can I use it just like that?
WhatPulse is a freeware version and compatible for Windows while Keyboard Tracer has the unregistered version with limitations.

So overall they can use without any certain requirements.
Lightraffic says it contains malware (Keyboard Tracer) so remove it until the mods says anything; I have reported, so that they can take a closer look.


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Possibilities of a related keylogger software since its collecting/ recording keystrokes.

WhatPulse isn't spyware as stated from Wikipedia so its safe to use.