Level 23

A short list of COVERT Pro functionality:
  • 1. Secure platform. Entrance to the platform and exit in one click.
  • 2. Network Monitor. Shows a list of programs that have access to the Internet at the current time.
  • 3. Database threats (malicious or unwanted programs). Available for replenishing by the user.
  • 4. Driver Monitor. Shows a list of active and hidden drivers in the operating system.
  • 5. System processes. Provides information about the processes (running programs) that occur on your computer.
  • 6. Service system. Used to display the list of running services.
  • 7. Hidden services and analysis services. Allows you to analyze the svchost.exe file.
  • 8. Monitor hidden processes. This is a special function that is used to detect and display the list of hidden processes (rootkits).
  • 9. Internal protection mode. There are three modes of protection to control running applications within the platform.
  • 10. Quick Launch Buttons application.
  • 11. The login ID in the platform to create multiple platforms protection.
  • 12. The scale of CPU usage.
  • 13. The scale of loading the platform.
  • 14. Scale of loading the clipboard.
  • 15. Selection of interface languages (English, Italian, German, Czech).
  • 16. Emergency exit from the program and all platforms and closing all applications.
  • 17. Screenshot of registration window with the definition of the parameters of the hardware, where COVERT Pro is installed. Designed to protect the user from losing registration details and obtaining a new registration key free of charge.
  • 18. Adjusting the speaker volume and microphone inside a secure platform. Allows you to lock the microphone in order to protect from the listening room where the computer is located.
  • 19. New! “Secure messenger” allows users to exchange encrypted messages without logins and passwords.
  • 20. New! “Monitor DLL” displays the list of loaded DLL when COVERT Pro is running.