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Hello members - i am based in Africa, and was recommended malware tips by a security vendor partner of ours. I am part of a team that is assigned to understand and build a security threat prevention platform for businesses and governments in Africa.

I hope to learn from the various experts in this field in the forums. By the way how does one be able to download the sample malware files, seems as a new user these are hidden. Then how does one even conduct research without having access to such files?


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When you cross the mark of a 100 posts here, you'll be able to access the Malware Samples shared regularly.
Till then, and even after, you can actively be a part of the Malware Analysis section where you can get and post detailed analysis on various samples, and discuss the same. This section also includes the rules, tips and procedures on how to conduct the analysis in different environments.
Why don't you check that out?

Good luck for your project :)
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