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H Security said:
Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) has released information on a security problem in McAfee's Security-as-a-Service products (SaaS). The vulnerability broker says that it told McAfee about the hole in April 2011, and that it has now decided to publicly release the information because the vendor still hasn't provided a patch.
The flaw is contained in the myCIOScn.dll program library. In this library, the MyCioScan.Scan.ShowReport() method insufficiently filters user input and executes embedded commands within the context of the browser. The flaw can be exploited when a user opens a specially crafted file or web page. ZDI rates the issue as very severe and has given it a CVSS score of 9 – maximum severity is 10.
ZDI's advisory doesn't state exactly which products are affected. McAfee's range of SaaS products includes "SaaS Email Encryption" for encrypting emails and "Vulnerability Assessment SaaS", which checks software for potential vulnerabilities.
As a workaround, ZDI recommends that users set the kill bit in the registry to prevent Internet Explorer from instantiating the affected ActiveX control. To do so, the "Compatibility Flags" DWORD entry in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ActiveX Compatibility\209EBDEE-065C-11D4-A6B8-00C04F0D38B7 must be set to "0x00000400".

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Terrible. Glad I know not one person in real life that uses McAfee. Junkware, Hence why I've never bothered to make a video review on it.

Hopefully they'll step up and patch it ASAP now that's it public. Thanks.


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McFee are having problems of late!

I have a friend who uses McAfee, I'll have to tell her about it tomorrow.


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I remember reading something about how some security software increases the surface of attack, by injecting files into you web browser.

This could be one of those examples.

AFAIK, I think I'm right. :)


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Not literally good.

Even they were working on the product up to the latest version, when it was leave a huge vulnerable that's unfixed then result a not so good product at all.


Really? Really McAfee? You have known about a problem for almost a year and you haven't fixed it.
I really hate using it, but it's my only choice until April, where I can finally leave and get on board VIPRE (thanks to MalwareTips :D)