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Let me show you quickly how to get a nice looking MacOS similar look on your Windows machine.


1. Create a restore point (we're not modifying the registry or similar, but just in case)
2. Download the following software

RocketDock: Download RocketDock -

Install it.
3. Configure RocketDock to automatically start at boot.

4. Configure the icons size and shapes. You can copy my setup.

5. As for the position on the dock, use the following configuration

6. For the Style part, choose Vista and the following opacity levels

7. To add or delete elements on the dock, just right click it

8. Right click the taskbar, go to configuration. Enable "use small taskbar buttons"

9. Right click on the desktop and untick "Show all desktop icons" (don't worry, in the future you can tick it again and all icons will still be there)

See before

And after

10. Right click the taskbar and go to configuration. Enable "automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode"

11. Install my desktop background:

You should now have a similar MacOS look on your Windows device :)

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Thanks for sharing ;)
These transformations are quite funny and also beautiful to look at, but, if you do not have specific needs, in addition to the curiosity, I do not see reasons to change the Windows Desktop that can be customized in a thousand different ways without the need to use external programs.