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There is no doubt that athletes all around the world are training hard to compete at the London Olympics in 2012, but cyber criminals seem to be gearing up for the event as well. Even with over 400 days still to go until the Olympics, we have already started seeing search terms related to this event returning a large number of poisoned links. As we have observed with search engine optimization (SEO) poisoning in the past, these poisoned links redirect to rogue antivirus sites.
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They sure don't waste any time :rolleyes:


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This is the world in which we live in...All those who are using the internet should be aware that every big event will be exploited by
cybercriminals.Taking some simple security measures, like installing a site advisor or using a sandbox should avoid any potential problems.
Also Google also has a large share of blame in all of this ... ;) By using some simple SEO techniques cybercriminals manage to achieve higher ranking than some known and trustworthy sites in Google Search , even if that malicious site is brand new and it basically has no real content .....Come on Google........


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What's interesting here though is that the criminals are launching a campaign so early....a year early!

People won't even be aware results are being poisoned rght now, so a smart move there.

I agree, google really could do a bit more to prevent stuff like this happening.


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Users will not noticed when searched links in Google are poisoned since you will only reveal if its poison when it enters the site in actual.


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It's not just the search page, Google Images is also very poisoned and dangerous, Unless the user has ClearCloud DNS they will come across one of these fake scanner pages.