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will someone be kind enough to give this poor guy a license ?? :'( I'm sorry if I'm asking too much but I cant bypass the proxy and my IP has already been blacklisted ....


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If you are not an established member here I will no longer provide you with a key.Some members first post on this site is here asking for a key.One post would suffice and I would have gotten to you asap however some feel the need to post multiple replies and PM's.Myna was kind enough to provide some with keys also,some of who already received one from me.It is too bad a few ruin it for everyone.
Please refer to the forum rules on making multiple accounts/IP's.If it continues then this thread will be closed. Thanks


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I waste two hours to find a vpn or proxy which it's not blacklisted, I failed to.
Would everyone got enough soul to give me a serial please? Respect!


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Hello & How are you all doing

Kindly inbox me The serial Key. Really tired due to bad restriction and connection timeout. VPN is one of the most important thing to overcome such problems.

Would be really Appreciated.


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Damn it. I've tried with about 6 proxies. All of them were blacklisted already. Could someone help me to get the serial code ?

Thank you in advance.


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the web is stating to wait for 48 hours i have requested myna and exterminator20 to provide me the key. please anyone of you help me pleasee.
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