On Sale! CyberGhost VPN (licence for 18 months)


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Feb 4, 2016
  • Remain completely anonymous when going online
  • Enjoy 256-bit AES encryption for all data
  • Safeguard your privacy on public WiFi networks
  • Get around regional restrictions on online content
  • Protect up to 7 devices at once
  • Download available for: Windows,Mac,iOS,Android,Linux
  • Buy with BitsDuJour's promotional coupon code and get all this at a discounted price!

  • After you purchase CyberGhost VPN it may be used for 18 months and will not function after that unless you renew your subscription.
  • CyberGhost VPN is licensed per user, so if more people are going to use CyberGhost VPN you will need to purchase additional copies.
  • Each license allows installation on 7 computers, and CyberGhost VPN may be used at exactly the same time on each of them.
  • This promotion can be used to upgrade or extend an existing license.
  • License can be used for Commercial and Personal use.
  • Support is provided for current subscriptions.
  • 30 days return policy.
  • Your discount coupon code will be applied to your purchase when you click the 'Buy Now' button.
  • BitsDuJour downloads use a discount coupon code that comes direct from the software vendor, so you'll always get the latest version of the software app sold under the same terms as a regular sale, just at a great promotional price.
  • Prices do not necessarily include taxes, which will vary by country.


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Jul 27, 2017
Worst VPN ever! I prefer my isp over CyberGhost.
Nah maybe not my personal opinion as the few times I tested it worked as I wanted but I like @Sunshine-boy and his honesty. (y)
Well, maybe it's honest, but it's definitely not constructive. I bought this VPN and it works great (except for the speed, which decreases a bit in the evening.) Especially good is that you can generate OpenVPN connection data.
With that you connect fast under Linux systems without additional software.


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May 4, 2018
I do apoligise this is in German originally, I have used Google translate for you and the link is translated in English. Only think I could find which comes directly from CyberGhost themselves.

Google Translate

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Jul 28, 2014
I've been using cyberghost for years and I think they are pretty great once you've figured out which servers are best for you Some servers, even though they are in the same country have better or worst speeds, you just have to test and find out which are the ones with better bandwidth.

Sana Khan

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Sep 15, 2018
Express VPN is better than CyberGhost vpn. i have been using Express vpn for 8 month it is working smooth. :emoji_ok_hand: