Cybersecurity artificial intelligence hype is real

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    Cybersecurity artificial intelligence hype is real
    While artificial intelligence sounds like it will be the superhero of our future, it’s still dependent on humans to determine the good from the bad. In essence, another detection-based solution that will always be challenged by the obfuscation techniques of rogue nation states and well-funded criminal organizations.

    Cybersecurity artificial intelligence hype is real

    NOTE: Anyone interested in the article should read it and formulate their own judgement. No particular product is referenced.
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    A bit confusing. Article starts out mentioning AI and says AI and ML are not the same but most of the article is about ML not AI.
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    For some companies, ML = AI.
    But to the author, ML is not AI.

    What the author meant was that when companies start to mention Artificial intelligence, all they mean is Machine Learning. But they would make ML look like an actual AI, or make a judgment that they already reached what can be called AI through their advanced ML. That's where the hype is.

    As I'm not an expert on such things, all I see about the issue is that it's just a fight on semantics. Microsoft, Google, Facebook and others use the term AI for ML, while Kaspersky and others (like the author of the article) would not.
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