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This is very attractive notebook but there are some bottle necking in this like SSD .
but very sleek looking notebokk

Complete Specs, review and benchmarks are given here.


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Do you think now that they have got new PC's/Laptops, that they will have better support in Australia this time? That is the thing that I don't like about Dell is when you ring up for support or sales they send you overseas, not that I have a problem with any other country, but would like to be sent to a country that can speak English.


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I have friends who have purchased their products and were not happy with the product or the customer support.Specs look ok for a 13 inch notebook for a home user and price is fair.I prefer other brands though and think you could more punch for a little extra money with some other brands


The specs of that Dell are pretty much standard for its Inspiron series.

The Dell Inspiron 13z's strengths are also its curse, as it is the jack of all trades master of none. Besides its comfortable keyboard and customizable touchpad there is no real selling point here, but there are also no glaring flaws excluding its rage inducing port covers.

General users who are looking to do a bit of everything will find the Dell i13z's consistent performance perfect for the wide array of uses. However, consumers who are looking for a machine to fit a specific role or task can likely find better candidates within the same price range, especially if they were willing to concede in other areas.
The Inspiron series were never targeted to a specific purpose. There is a reason why Inspiron are cheap compared to the XPS series. The Inspiron is for the average consumer, offering affordable prices (at least in the UK/Europe)

As for the sound system, the more desirable and better sound system can be found on the XPS series.

Nevertheless, the 13z does pack a nice i5 and hardware components for its price.
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