MalwareTips Team
Jul 22, 2014
Some hardware vendors are reacting to the recent revelation that some of Intel's core CPU technology is riddled with security holes.

At the time of writing, three laptop and computer vendors have started offering a way to buy products without Intel ME (Management Engine), or have said they'll deliver firmware updates that disable the technology.

Intel Management Engine is a technology that is often described as a secret operating system inside the main Intel CPU. The ME component runs independently from the user's main OS, with separate processes, threads, memory manager, hardware bus driver, file system, and many other components. An attacker that exploits a flaw and gains control over the Intel ME has untethered control over the entire computer. In November, Intel issued a security alert for several flaws affecting ME and other core Intel CPU technologies.


Deleted member 65228

Great news.

Intel shouldn't have even put themselves in a position for this to have potentially happened at all, regardless of the abuse chances being low. I don't understand what goes on with their thought process, and it should be disabled by default at-least.