Solved Did Acer disable my bluetooth


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Aug 17, 2017
This morning I performed a factory restore on my Acer laptop using a factory restore flash drive I created when I got it. This is about an hour and a half process and at the half way point Acer begins to install the drivers and bloatware indicating what it's installing for each one, 78 installations total. At install #75 it shows this "Installing (DPOP) Disable Bluetooth Signal" :alien: and sure enough when it's up and running you wouldn't even know it had a bluetooth module but it does, I just had Windows 10 running on it before this reinstall and the bluetooth worked fine.

I received this computer (unbootable) from a relative last Oct., it was 3 yrs old then and would probably have came standard with Windows 10 but it had Windows 7 so she probably ordered it that way, maybe not wanting bluetooth? Here is a link to this laptop models support page, Product support I use bluetooth to connect to my speakers and would sorely miss them. Any suggestions would be appreciated.:cry:

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Acer still have that bloated re-installation mechanism after a normal factory reset? Do they still enforce their custom interface for initiating the normal factory reset as well?

Damn, reminds me of 8 years ago when I had an Acer system, interesting if not much has changed since.
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