JM Safe

Level 38
You can do this manually.
Type about:config in the address bar.

browser.pocket.enabled change value from true to false. (disable pocket)
loop.enabled change value from true to false. (disable hello)
reader.parse-on-load.enabled change value from true to false.(disable reader)
media.peerconnection.enabled change value from true to false. (disable WebRTC)
Thanks for the reply ;)
But I wanted to share this extension because it is a new extension, so I wanted to make a simply review of it :)
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Level 6
Extension to disable another extension or plugin is functional but still not the way it should be done.

Earning money makes Mozilla putting more and more garbage inside Firefox and turning it to non functional peace of bloatware. At least make this new features optional so people can uninstall it like other extensions if they don't want it.
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