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Differentiation iPhone Unlock and iPhone Lock

Smartphone Vietnam market today, the portable telephone products are very popular in the iPhone which is a typical phone line. Because a lot cheaper than the international version so users of water are constantly looking to lock the phone line. However, not everyone can recognize it was Unlock iPhone or not.

Today, for the purpose of binding the user with the network so more foreign carriers launched iPhone Lock network with lots of lower cost relative to the World. This has led some users to select this version for the international Lock. Because this was the iPhone Lock to network should be able to use them in Vietnam with the domestic network, the machine must be unlock. Much like the original iPhone, laptop Seal will not be unlock, but when you buy the machine has been opened, you will not be able to recognize it was Unlock or not.

iPhone portable plenty of Vietnam​

With the iPhone Lock this, there are 2 ways you can unlock it using Sim transplant or direct contact with the computer network to buy the Unlock Code. If by Sim Unlock iPhone transplant, when you remove the Sim grafting machine will revert to normal Lock. So when you insert into the machine that iPhone Sim Sim's (computer display No Service), it means it has not been Unlock iPhone.

No Service Announcements often seen when the iPhone does not recognize sim lock​

But if the iPhone has Unlock by Code, the machine will use as an iPhone version in any international country with any carrier and you will not be able to recognize it is not a lock.

There is another way to distinguish different iPhone Unlock and iPhone Lock IMEI string that is used. IMEI number is attached to the unit bananas that each machine has only one string and the iPhone is different. You can find this at the top of the banana case, and on the battery or on the iPhone 5S or iPhone version 6, the chain was put IMEI sink on the back cover of the machine.

- But in a way that people use the most is that tap Settings ---> General Settings ---> About. Now the screen will show the parameters related to the machine. Section IMEI you will see this series.

When you get IMEI What's the next step? At this point, you access the Web page: and phone IMEI number to string ---> Enter.

Check out this iPhone 6 is the network key in

Check out the iPhone 6 is international in​

Then the screen will display the information of the machine, if in the current directory name Last Activated SIM network unlock the machine has not been, on the contrary, if not display this item to your iPhone that is already Unlock iphone with Code and is used as an international.

Above is the distinction iPhone Unlock and iPhone Lock. Hope it can help you differentiate your iPhone.
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