Q&A Do I really need to use CCleaner?

Discussion in 'General Security Discussions' started by Serious Noize, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. Serious Noize

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    Jan 13, 2014
    Windows 10
    I was wondering about a few things. I use my PC to record my own music sometimes.

    While I like for it to be clean of "TRACKING COOKIES" and other things like that. In the past CCleaner was the best option, especially with the easily exclude certain websites and such things.

    The things about CCleaner is that you can clean or EXCLUDE cookies for sites you like to stay logged in on very easily. And it says it clears the DNS cache.

    How can I do this without using CCLeaner? And by that I mean, do I need to write a .bat file and run Windows 10 "Which I use and sorry I should have mentioned that to begin with".

    Should I write a .bat file using Windows built in Disk cleaner? Problem is, how do you exclude a cookie that way that you want to keep?

    Some of you might act SMUG and say "CCLEANER IS FINE NOW". But the thing is, I don't want to use that software anymore.

    Yeah there is Bleach BS software. Which gives you ZERO options for fine tuning etc....

    Here's my entire QUESTION and POINT????????????

    How in the Heck USING WINDOWS 10 or any other Windows software can you CLEAN ONLY THE COOKIES YOU WANT TO REMOVE without having to use a third party software, REGARDLESS OF your browser?
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  2. Slyguy

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    Jan 27, 2017
    Fortinet Engineer
    Other OS
    Use Wise Cleaner Free or PrivaZer.. Both easy to use and both effective (and free)

    I wouldn't touch Ccleaner after that huge compromise and now that Avast owns them.
  3. TairikuOkami

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    May 13, 2017
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    If you find out, let me know, I have not been able to find a viable alternative, CCleaner is simply the only working solution I know.

    Wise for example allows to add exceptions, but for some reason, it cleans all of them, time to time.
  4. Sunshine-boy

    Sunshine-boy Level 22

    Apr 1, 2017
    Windows 10
    Kerish doctor and wise disk cleaner are my only choices! PrivaZer cleans more than enough...I use it once in 6 months.there is also another good cleaner which I found it 1 week ago! Clean Master for PC
    just don't let it reach the internet because they have a very very bad privacy policy! but it uses Ai! very smart and effective tool. give it a try and you will see how good it is:D
  5. hamo

    hamo Level 8

    Mar 30, 2014
    Windows 10
    I stopped using all cleaner tools for about a year, every thing is perfect! better than using it!

    - All browser sitting can clean itself.(history, cookies, cache .....) excluding sitting too.
    - Windows 10 can clean itself periodically, or manually.

    - I use only Rivouninstall tools, rarely find things.
  6. Kubla

    Kubla Level 2

    Jan 22, 2017
    United States
    I use Kerish Dr. instead, and Glary's utilities is also good one to replace Cc.
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