Do you know any free software to protect against fileless malware attacks?


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my point is that it is quite an old trojan,so why avast and emsisoft couldn't detect it,it's really a shame for them.
because powershell is allowed by most AVs. Emsisoft will introduce powershell abuses monitoring in their next build.
the real question is not if the AV could detect it or not, it is how the file get in your system and was ran..?


my point is that it is quite an old trojan,so why avast and emsisoft couldn't detect it,it's really a shame for them.

Could be a new, undetected version of Poweliks. If the Emsisoft and Bitdefender scan engines did not detect it, then there are surely other scan engines that will not detect it either.

Also, it is possible that it was not Poweliks, but instead a detection of something else incorrectly identified as Poweliks by whatever scan engine that detected it. Zemana uses multiple scan engines, but whose engines those are is not revealed by Zemana. Scan engine designations of detected infections is not a super-precise science. The designations have been known to be incorrect from time-to-time.

Without investigation at the time of detection, it is speculation as to what it was.

You should expect that using an antivirus scanner is not going to detect stuff.

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Dec 23, 2014
hey, i run my browser sandboxed and there is no use of whitelisting software to me as i am mostly offline and whitelisting software always asks or blocks my files.I am using many softwares,even one of my drive totally includes softwares only and this is quite painful and i can't recommend such products to my friends for the same reason.If one needs to run any app blocked by such products,then he has to unblock it,then there is no actual use of such softwares.

You can use Sandboxie. I used to try many software in this way. Most of them can run without any issues, and you do not bloat the system.


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Apr 1, 2017
free anti-exploit:
Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit
its beta and I think it should work against file-less malware like in your case but im not sure and IDK:pmaybe others can tell us
you can isolate your browser and solve the problem if that malware came from the internet
Free sandbox:360 sandbox or Comodo
IDK if Avg behavior shield can detect file-less malware?
otherwise, u have to pay for hitman pro alert or heimdal pro


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Jul 28, 2014
There are a ton of software that could potentially help with your situation but most of it would cause a slight inconvenience to use

CFW - good for auto sandboxing, auto clears once done. But sandboxed programs might not always work

ShadowDefender - good for trying out risky programs and won't break programs, works just like a sandbox, you can clear your system when you're done. But it literally reverts your system all the way to where you enabled the shadow mode.

A decent AV - Like you said, KSC warned you about the malware but did not solve it for you, if you had Kaspersky antivirus then it probably would have. But it costs money.


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May 16, 2017
The detection by zemana was "trojan poweliks: fileless malware".

I had a very good experience with Zemana too. My main antimalware software was Emsisoft but I noticed that my laptop was overheating and also some programs (including Windows 10 itself) were crashing or freezing for many seconds.

Zemana found a Trojan:Win32/Poweliks and a couple more malwares and since then everything was good again!
Neither Panda or Emsi couldn't detect anything bad in my system.

I'm in debt with Zemana that I'll go for the Ultimate version when it finally comes out.
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