Q&A Do you report un-blocked ads to adblocking filter developers?

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Yes, do you report un-blocked ads to adblocking filter developers?

I am asking this because I wonder how many of you guys using submissions. Nowadays, advertisers are fighting against adblockers and there is anti-adblock filters in our adblocker extensions and applications.

Do you think that adblocker developers can fight them without you? Can adblocking filter developers can find every single advertiser and ad without you?

My answer is NO.

I want to tell what I do. I am surfing on the websites with my Adguard extension armored English+Turkish+Social+Tracker+Annoyances filters. When I saw a social share button, I do not hesitate to report it to Adguard on their forum. I believe that, I help the community for a better place.
I requested Turkish filter from them. They accepted it and now we have a great Turkish filter with submissions. This is my story.

My frame of mind is like this. Support them to make the community's experience better. Just using the services without giving them nothing..it is not fair :)

Did you ever report any unblocked ad or tracker to filter developers?



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Mar 15, 2011
As far I know, I've not use the submission button for reporting unblock advertisement.

Even though it can be helpful for me to explore but sometimes I leave to other enthusiastic users that knows on the verification of information. Sooner and later the website I visit came with quick verdict.


Didn't know you could report them... Might do that in future:):cool:
Great to hear that :)

I use uBlock Origin too and there are ads that bypass it:mad::mad:

uBlock Origin uses the filter combinations of Fanboy. You should report them to Fanboy with a screenshot of ad.
Email: easylist.subscription [at] gmail.com

Fanboy only adds the English content website's ads to filters.


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Jun 24, 2016
I would seriously consider reporting ads if I saw them but I do not see any...
Too many/or wrong filters can effect browser speed and cause page breakage,so it takes a lot of trial and error to work out which to use,and what other filters can be used in conjunction with them.
I use over 80 filter lists in uBlock origin (which total over 850,000 individual Network+ Cosmetic filters) ,and I do not see a negative effect to browser speed,or any ads at all.
Every few weeks I search to see if there are any that are new to me.
Often searching "Url domain blocklist github" will lead to new finds every few months, and I experiment to see which work best.
Some block ads,some phishing sites,some ransomware domains,misleading marketing etc...and some are a mix.
There are some that are good but IMO too big,or more suited to smartphone browsing like eladkarako.hosts...
Success will be specific to the individual,as we have different Home Countries and browsing habits.:)


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Dec 4, 2013
This has proved to be an interesting thread as well as a pertinent subject matter for both present and future consideration.:) As a number of my fellow members and friends have related, I've neither experienced (nor perhaps noticed)o_O adds circumventing our uBlock Origin or Adguard extensions.
That said, I shall be more diligent now as I've a great appreciation (now more than ever) for the add free internet experiences I've admittedly taken for granted all thanks to the tireless work of those whom maintain each one of the many subscriptions we are relying upon daily!
Well? Anyone?
For the [as of yet ] "un-anniversaryized" among us, here's something I found from a quick search which we might, each of us, try my woolly grass eating friend!;)
Let's see if it works!:rolleyes: :p
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