Adguard Lifetime license for 4 devices - $34.99: Do you think the AdGuard deal is worth it?

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Adguard is on a completely different level, we're not talking of the browser extension but of the APP, that works in all the browsers including Internet Explorer, Steam and Mobile browsers!

As for filters it has more than uBlock Origin (specially regional), not to mention while uBlock and all the other Ad-Blockers need to wait for the ads to render before blocking, Adguard blocks the ads before they even load (being way more secure).

uBlock Origin is not exclusive to Google Chrome either, it works on Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox (I don't know about Opera).


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I got Adguard a few years ago and i really like it. What i also liked was when i fxx up my mobile and had to factory reset it i could just revoke my license in their webportal in 2 clicks and install it again.
Yeap. their license management works beautifully. You can quickly see where your licenses are installed and revoke the ones not in use anymore... many vendors could learn a lesson or two with them.
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