Need Help Does A VPN drain a mobile battery quickly if "always on" ?

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    Jun 6, 2017
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    I understand that running ANY application on a mobile phone will shorten battery life.

    However, does anyone know what the implications are of having a VPN on continuously ?

    I have an iPhone SE and have tried using VPNs which only turn on when the phone is connected to the Internet. However, the problem I have is that they initially take 10-15 seconds to connect and this really slows down the process of checking emails or browsing web pages. It is easier to have the VPN constantly running in the background and "always on". Because it doesn't need to keep connecting and disconnecting the Internet can be browsed at normal speeds without delays.

    But I am concerned that this will drain the battery very fast- something i wish to avoid. Does anyone know if any research has been done on this ? Will it have a big difference of battery life ?

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    Oct 19, 2017
    It will definitely drain the battery - how much it drains the battery depends on many things such as the level of encryption, data authentication and the handshake.

    The best way to find out is to try doing it for a few days and compare your battery life between the VPN being on and off.
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    Not really, no. Does an antivirus fiercefully drain battery life on a laptop or phone? It actually uses around 0-1% battery on Android Nougat. And can't even feel the difference on a laptop. Of course the services used and offered are totally different, but it's the same point. Fortificate security by adding a couple of services and processes. Will you run out of battery sooner? Probably. But you won't be able to tell it almost. You can follow @Flengo advice and test it for your own: best way to find out. Because of course it depends on your OS, phone and VPN app (and it's optimization ways).
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    Not sure what OS you are using but for iOS the VPN is not always on in a sense where if you lock your phone it would seem that the VPN disconnects itself, when you wake it or unlock it then the VPN goes and tries to connect itself again. I think this saves the battery from draining as compared to if the VPN is truly always on.
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    Hey thanks guys