Yes, Kaspersky detects PUPs\PUAs - however, Kaspersky is not as aggressive about PUPs as some other vendors - such as ESET and Emsisoft. The issue is a legal one. Some vendors are conservative about black-listing every single PUP\PUA because - basically - they can be sued. In other words, the vendor just doesn't want to deal with any type of legal consequences. Plus there is the greater issue of what is a PUP\PUA to me is not universal - others say a lot of applications classified as PUPs\PUAs are not riskware.

Challenging problem...

Bundled PUPs\PUAs such as Open Candy, Ask Toobar, etc are handled differently by each vendor.

By default the "Detect PUP\PUA" setting is disabled but default in Kaspersky; user has to enable it.


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Of course it can detect, Kaspersky like others have their own category how to include on blacklist and exclude them considering that it can affect the possible relationship to other programs because of their actions.