Does samsung galaxy s10+ have any known struggles?


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Sep 27, 2019
Hi, I'm writing this post, because i'm quite confused. For first, I'd like to notice that I live in Poland. So, I've decided, it's a time to change my phone, I'm thinking right now about galaxy s10+, but I saw something strange, the prices for same model, can be different in some stores for about 228 euro / 250 usd maybe even more, and no, there wasn't any discount on that at all. I've decided to ask seller about this phone, and I was informed about that the phone is from european distribution, and if i'll buy s10 from polish distribution, I can get new phone, if it will be in repair for 3 times, ofcourse if authorizd service will provide relevant letter that will be about that the telephone can't be repeaired, but if i'll have telephone from european distribution, I won't get new phone, even if it'll be in repair service for let's say 10 times. So that's why I'm writed this post, I'm just really curious about what does brand new telephone need to have problem with, to say it's irreparable? For me, buying telephone from european distribution is a big opportunity for nice discount, as I noticed above, but is it worth? Is there any known problems with s10+? I'd like to buy the 128 gb version. Here's the models: