Q&A Does this mean that something escaped the Sandbox? (Solved)

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    Hi everyone!
    I already asked to SBIE support and it seems they don't know how this can happen and they should have my printer to test ( a canon mp600 )

    so..read carefully: when I print something from the browser (FF...for example a pdf opened in the browser with ff in-built pdf viewer and I click on the printer icon in the pdf viewer). the message below shows up.
    But I can config the printer and print without double clicking and allowing those messages in the box

    wha does it mean this? the printer can escape the SB??? should I be worried?

    thank you


    EDIT : now they say it's ok..nothing is escaping the SB. ok thank you anyway sorry
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    Yes, nothing is escaped, I believe that the print process does not work under Sandboxie, such as antivirus or drivers do not work and generate errors if installed under Sandboxie.
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    Sandboxie virtualization does allow contact with your printer. ReHIPS isolation allows it, too. COMODO sandbox does not -- all you can do is download your print job as a PDF, and print that.
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