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Apr 21, 2023
Hi all,
New Linux user here - normally one to use a Standard User Account but forgot to switch back to it from Administrator following some recent administration. Important as today I was doing a search for holiday review sites from Brave and one of the search results redirected me to the website belonging to the domain in the subject of this thread.. I was unable to replicate being taken to this page when I tried the same link again. I never interacted with this website, closing it down when I saw it but my worry is that it may have contained some 'drive by downloads'. Have attempted to find out as much as possible using Virus Total (reports Malware on the URL from Kaspersky and Avira, whilst Fortinet class it as spam) . I have tried a few other URL checkers but none tell me what the malware is. As far as i am aware, i have not had a prior infection on this relatively new Garuda Linux install

I have ran a virus scan with Clam and a Rootkit test with RKHunter. Both are negative and so my questions are:
Does this website do a drive by download?
Can I have got infected by just visiting the site, given i closed it without interacting?
Am i safe to carry on using this system?

I have seen the article on the above domain on this website and am a little confused if its a phishing site or contains malware. Hope someone can advise and thanks in advance.

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Jan 24, 2011
Does this website do a drive by download?
Hello @OhShiny
No, these types of sites don't contain a drive-by download and are nothing more than common scams to extract some personal data or make victims subscribe to unneeded services. Usually, this type of redirect happens because of malvertising, so I would advise you to install an ad blocker for your browser. Other than that you should be fine. Thank you for joining us.

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