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The operators of the DoppelPaymer Ransomware have launched a site that they will use to shame victims who do not pay a ransom and to publish any files that were stolen before computers were encrypted.

A new extortion method started by the Maze Ransomware is to steal files before encrypting them and then use them as leverage to get victims to pay the ransom.
If a ransom is not paid, then the ransomware operators release the stolen files on a public 'news' site to expose the victim to government fines, lawsuits, and the risk of the attack being classified as a data breach.

Soon after starting this tactic, other ransomware families including Sodinokibi, Nemty, and DoppelPaymer have stated that they would begin this practice as well.

DopplePaymer launches public leak site

Today, the operators of the DoppelPaymer Ransomware have followed in Maze's footsteps and launched a site called 'Dopple Leaks' that will be used to leak files and shame non-paying victims.
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